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Personal Injury

Injured at work, home, or on another’s property? How can you tell if you’ve suffered by someone else’s legal fault, or the compensation you may be entitled to? We have the resources to establish if you have a valid case, and the dedication to fight for your compensation you are entitled to by the law.


Consumer & medical debt defense

Unexpected personal or medical expenses can lead to an overwhelming financial burden. Let us alleviate the stress from daunting medical and credit card bills. We will protect you against threats and harassment from insurance carriers and debt collectors by establishing a safe, effective, legal plan for your financial peace of mind.



When the medical practitioners you trust have failed to protect you, you need us to step in to fight for your rights, and protect you when they could not. If you need legal assistance to prove the negligence and malpractice of a hospital, doctor, nurse, or any other medical provider that has caused you or a loved one unnecessary suffering, we are here to help, and put you first.



Even though accidents are beyond our control, the aftermath does not have to be. If you have suffered from a motor vehicle, truck, pedestrian, or motorcycle accident you need to act fast to establish your case and earn the just compensation you deserve. Our firm will take care of all the legal heavy-lifting so you can focus on your recovery.


consumer rights & protection

The reality of today’s consumer is that they are constantly at risk, even when making a simple, everyday purchase. If you are seeking legal assistance to take action against unlawful expenses and/or institutions, pursue your case immediately with our attorneys who have the experience and resources you need to redeem your financial complacency.


Mission Statement

Our goal is to take a genuine interest in our clients, understand their needs, and exceed their expectations. We dedicate ourselves to these values. We will work hard, provide superior legal services on a timely, effective, and efficient basis, and maintain the highest standards of professional integrity. Should you have any questions or pressing matters, someone will always get back to you.